Live In The Now- Things to do right now to increase your good karma

This morning during my commute into work I was listening to radio and they were discussing how people get so wrapped up in trying to get to the next level or achieve their personal goals that we often forget to enjoy the beauty of the moment. We’re all constantly striving for more than what we currently have that we tend to forget to appreciate what we have now. This causes major issues for us.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring for more. Pushing your limits is a healthy path to growth. We can actually see that in the physical form when we push ourselves past our comfort levels with physical fitness. When you repetitively push your limits, you will gradually see the physical changes to your body. Wanting to achieve and do better than you are today is a great goal. We should all have short term and long term goals. However there are rules to everything and one thing you must do to ensure that you’re spirit is welcoming bigger and better is to practice appreciation for what you have already attained. Hopefully you’re better off now than you were a year ago or you’ve experienced wins and loses along your journey and that’s okay.  Sometimes we tend to overlook the present and fall short of being grateful for the wins along the path. We can be so set on what the bigger picture looks like or how we expect it to look that we miss being grateful for the beauty of today. Tomorrow isn’t promised but right now you’re living your perfect imperfect life. Relish in it!

Things to do right now to show appreciation and gratitude

  1. Give yourself a moment to be in the moment RIGHT NOW! Take a few slow deep breathes and tell your body and spirit how grateful you are for it’s contributions to getting you here. After a few deep breathes, take your fingers and slowly rub your chest or neck and say “Thank you”. Touch is a powerful thing and appreciation of your body with your own touch stimulates positive vibes in the same way that it does when you’re skin is stroked lovingly by someone else.
  2. Smile! Smiling instantly boost your mood and it also encourages others to feel better and to think more highly of you. If you’re one of those people who are constantly told “you’re always smiling” be proud of that. I’m sure that smile has gotten you further than you’re aware of. People want to include you in things because you appear to be more easy going. No one wants a combative person around them draining their energy. Your smile is your calling card to the world that you’re happy and present in the moment. Let your smile works it’s magic internally and externally so get to smiling.
  3. Slow down a take a few minutes to say a little “thank you” to your creator and the universe for this exact moment. You thanked yourself now thank the unseen for the things you’re unaware of that’s working in your favor spiritually.
  4.  Express gratitude and appreciation for someone who is helping you now. In addition do something small to assist someone else right now because someone is assisting you right now. It may not huge but subtle expressions of gratitude are still gratitude.Make sure that you tell that person helping you that you’re gracious and appreciative for their assistance. Make sure you’re doing little things too throughout the day to assist others in small ways or large if you’re up to it.  As you give, so shall you receive. It’s the universal law of karma.



Garden Inspired by Disney

I am definitely a novice at this gardening stuff but after success with my small little garden growing tomatoes, lettuce and a few other small herbs and veggies my interest has grown.That inspiration to do more with my gardening piqued when I visited Disney with my family a few weeks ago. My 7 year old daughter performed along with her dance academy at Disney and all the women in my family traveled to support her. In attendance was my grandmother who is almost 90 (pictured with my mother and children here) went on all the rides we could together but there were limits. My grandmother wanted to go on every ride that she possibly could so we made sure to do slow moving simple rides and I’m glad that we did. I would have never gone on the slower less action packed rides without her presence. During our Epcot day we went on a ride called Living with the Land and the name alone grabbed my attention but it’s definitely one of those rides I wouldn’t have gone on if it weren’t for my grandmother and the unbearable heat. Never-the-less the ride had no wait and it was a sit down ride which accommodating wheelchair riders and it completely blew my novice gardening mind. I was blown away by all the usage of the space and the amount of vegetation they were able to grow in what seemed like a confined space. In addition to the space utilization, they also used sand instead of dirt and had rows of piping for their hydroponic vegetable garden which I’ve never heard of before. Again my mind was blown and I was immediately intrigued. Their vegetables were abundant, full and extremely vibrant which I only thought could be achieved through dirt and soil gardening. After doing a bit of research I decided to give it a go and purchased a small hydroponic system to use during the winter months here in the North East.

Hydroponic systems are great for indoor use and really maximizes small spaces. I purchased small florescent lights, a grow tent and pH controllers so monitor the system because one of the biggest drawbacks is root rot. I’m trying to avoid root rot and any pest that attack my harvest and naturally an optimal pH is what’s best to assist with my overall goal. One thing that kept coming up during my search is that most people use this same method to grow indoor weed gardens so if you’re into that and it’s legal in your state it’s a great little gem to get you started. Don’t say I didn’t look out for you.

Hydroponic systems also expedite growth so you’re able to produce more plants at a faster rate. You’re also able to control the nutrients of the plants being that it’s all administer by you through the water. Since your plants aren’t getting the nutrients from soil, then it’s completely up to you how nourished your garden will be. Being that you’re able to control the nutrients and there is no dirt the roots get more oxygen and the oxygen expedites the vegetation’s growth and maturity. Your garden is also pesticide free which is healthier for you. Also there are no weeds to prune unless you’re growing weed (HA) intentionally. If you’ve ever been on the fence about growing a garden to ensure what you’re eating is healthy then there is no better time then the present to jump on it. Happy growing and I’ll be posting my progress shortly.

Weekend TV Recap

So much has happened over the weekend to chat about so let’s start with the fight. I grew up watching boxing. My father was a boxer and he would take me with him to the gym so I totally get boxing as a sport but I prefer brawling instead of boxing and Mayweather is a boxer. Brawler he is not! The reason Mike Tyson was so entertaining during his matches was the anticipation of actually seeing a brawl and a knock out. The average person doesn’t watch boxing to appreciate the technique of the boxer therefore Mayweather fights are a bit lack luster. Still I like getting together with good company. That’s always the added bonus.

GOT is over and I feel cheated that I have to wait another year and a half to see the rest! Last episode was a true cliff hanger with them finally revealing that Jon is the true rightful ruler but now he’s slept with his aunt. How are they going to work that little conundrum out? “Oh.. so you’re my auntie??? That sucks!” Then they set us up with that question he asked Dany about her not being able to have kids in addition to tying that into Tyrion’s chat about a successor I’m putting 2 and 2 together with a guess that she’s going to be pregnant during the final season after she finds out she’s slept with her nephew. Also will she want to kill him them knowing that she will never be the rightful ruler or will they just throw caution to the wind, marry and reign together on their two dragons?

I know that I say it every time I speak about GOT but I love Arya. She’s the family HITTER!!!! She just casually waited for Sansa to give the word and slit Littlefinger’s throat in front of the entire room with no care in the world and then dipped back over to the side. I’m sure she’s going to take his face after they’ve all left. LOL  Also she cleared the air with her sister about wanting to be the “lady of Winterfell” letting her know that playing dress up and having power is not her thing because she already has power knowing she can skillfully kill the whole damn village if she wanted to.
Was I the only one who was unaware of the Hound’s sibling relationship with Sir Gregor??? I honestly thought that Sir Gregor was a monster that was half dead until my daughter told me the back story regarding them. Side note: the Hound was a bit proud when Brienne of Tarth told him that little Arya was alive and slaying shit. I’m looking forward to their reunion. Also speaking of Brienne, Cersi was definitely peeping “the friendliness” she had with her lover/brother Jaime. Nothing gets past the queen and I personally don’t think that Tyrion will be the one to kill Cersi. I totally think it’s going to be Jaime as the prophecy only said it would be a brother. What good is having power and being able to see things if Bran isn’t really utilizing that power to the fullest? My final comments on the finale is that I hope Jamie makes it to meet back up with Tyrion. He loves his brother and I feel sorry for Tyrion for having to choose between his family whom he clearly loves and everything else. At least the 2 of them will be together for a short while potentially. Also was Tyrion a little hurt when he saw Jon enter Dany’s room??? I didn’t understand that one. He knew they would get together so I’m not understanding how that just threw a wrench in his plans and from the look on his face he definitely felt a ways about them hooking up.

Insecure- Love Issa and I did love Molly but now that Molly’s sleeping with the married neighbor I’m not

feeling her. I love “boss” Molly and I’m totally not feeling I’m thirsty to be loved and will take anything Molly. In addition, I’m not feeling Issa’s need to want to sleep with randoms just for the sake of sleeping with randoms either. Daniel really likes her and she’s shading him yet again. One of the most significant lessons we all learn or should learn in life is to like those who like you and Daniel likes Issa. She will never be happy trying to chase down insignificant people or trying to force a narrative which clearly isn’t authentic and too many people make those mistakes in real life. I hope they don’t push these girls to be that type because the show will become whack and not entertaining because it’s just reinforcing a misguided approach to finding love. But back to the humor in last nights episode… I love the nut in the eye scene. It was funny and I chuckled but still I was a bit disappointed in how they’re steering the characters. Hope it changes up soon and it stops being so cliche.

Sunday FAV TV Recap! Power, GOT, and Insecure

All of my favorites shows are on Sunday. You have Power, Game of Thrones, and Insecure all in the same damn night and it’s a beautiful couch potato experience. I finish up everything I need to do before 8 and then grab food and relax. Plus it takes my mind off of what I need to do starting Monday morning.

Highlight of the night for me as with other GOT fans was the infamous battle and the fact that Arya finally made it back to Winterfell after she’s been assumed dead for so long. Her reconciliation with her family and her home was brilliant and I cannot wait to see what tricks she has up her sleeve for Littlefinger. Her fight scene with  Brienne was all kinds girl power dope-ness! Especially when Brienne it was visible that Brienne was feeling the pressure and gave little Arya a stiff kick (which btw looked like a men’s size 15! I was like damn Gina… look at those feet!) and when it looked as though Arya was defeated by the kick, she hoped up as only Arya can to finish the job.

Another little suggestion the scene gave us may be Arya’s next victim. She’s definitely going to have drama with Littlefinger, which seemed all types of impressed by Arya’s display of swordsmanship. I cannot wait for that fight! Well fight may be too strong of a word because Arya uses her brain and skills learned from the Many Faced God to defeat her opponents. Also notice how Arya mentioned her list and then the brother mentioned that Cersei was on the list of kills Sansa had nothing to say? They’ve been hinting throughout the entire season that Sansa has some weird admiration for Cersei and my prediction for that story line is that Sansa is going to go Rouge and somehow align herself with Cersei which is why Bran has little to say to her being that he’s all knowing now. His interaction with Arya was more engaging then his interaction with Sansa since he’s been back.
Now on to Power. I’m so glad that they finally concluded Fifty Cents role in that series although they did leave his return an option I’m so happy he’s done for now. He was really like a cat with his 9 lives on the show. I don’t like how they’re playing Tariq’s character out to be a complete traitor to his family after discovering that all of the adults in his life has some dirt on them he still chooses to side with Kanan’s character when he says he’s not afraid of him. That will somehow be Kanan’s way back into the show now that they’re making Tariq all strung out on drugs.
As for the lawyer Joe Proctor, I hope they keep him on as a long lived character. I like him and his life story adds a bit of unsuspected drama as he now is an accomplice in a murder and his wife is a junkie and he’s way over his head but he’s definitely handling it well in spite of all the pressure.
Mike is just becoming too reckless with him trying to kill any and everyone who suspects him. He’s going to get caught up soon especially now that all of the DA’s are aware that he planted the gun. I’m not feeling Tasha’s new found love interest. He was a bit of a shake from the beginning and adding him in as a love interest is just not siting well for me. He definitely would not be able to handle Tasha and I feel they’re trying to make her too susceptible to her lust for any man which comes across as a weakness. Which I feel is a conflict in the character because Tasha is far from weak and wouldn’t just bed hop if she was really that strong of a woman which her character seems to be.
Insecure was okay. I wish it were a full hour though. I love Issa and her girls. Again I don’t like that they’re making her out to be so pressed for sex right now but I guess it’s believable. But who the hell goes on Tinder to find a man if you’re heterosexual??? That’s just not believable to me. I thought it was a horrible choice. Why not just have her hook up with an ex or someone random on her Facebook that she actually knows. Really do women use Tinder to find hook-ups??? Seems a bit desperate and for women it’s not normally that hard to find a man who you actually are familiar with to casually hook-up with or is that just me and my circle?
On another note I like Tasha from Insecure. She likes Lawrence but she’s not down to take his shit as gospeleither. This reflection of how women can get too invested into the wrong dude is a realistic representation in my opinion but luckily they’re not making out to be a dummy who falls for any ole thing either. As for Molly I would love to see her have a boyfriend who matches her hustle. That’s the ideal man for her with his life goals. 🙂

Who Doesn’t love Free Stuff

Nothing taste the same anymore. I don’t normally eat breakfast but today I was in the mood for a few french toast sticks from Burger King so I picked up the 3 french toast for $1, just to satisfy the craving and I grabbed an orange juice and I swear the OJ taste like medicine that I was forced to take as a child. Only difference is now I’m paying for the gross mess and it’s camouflaged as orange juice. I’ve never tasted an orange that taste like medicine but for some odd reason people allow themselves to drink that potion of chemicals because the box says it’s orange juice. I’m never getting that mess again. I’d rather eat an orange.

Okay… now after my rant about my messed up breakfast I have some good news to share. Tomorrow Saturday July 29th is National Lipstick Day and MAC is giving away FREE LIPSTICK! OMG… let me say it again. MAC is giving away a free lipstick to all who stop by either a counter or a free standing store while supplies last so get there in the morning as soon as Nordstrom’s or Macy’s opens their doors. The selections is from MAC’s basic line of lipsticks but still that’s no issue because who couldn’t use a matte color nude to add to their arsenal especially if it’s FREE! Just in case you’re not sure which to choose go for a color that you were debating because of brightness because this is the time to commit. You won’t feel that you’ve wasted money on a whim because it’s free and if you’re looking for recommendations then my favorite colors that I feel looks great on everyone no matter your skintone are Ruby Woo and Candy Yum Yum. Both of which are super bright but ohhhh soooo cute on and goes with anything. Ruby Woo is a matte red and has been my absolute favorite lipstick for years. Candy Yum Yum is a bright bold pink and it too is a great bold color that transitions well with varying styles. I’ve had this debate with people often who doubt their ability to wear a bright red lipstick without looking clownish and when they’ve tried it they loved it.

The picture here is my desk and my make-up bag with Ruby Woo which is always in my bag. Even if I’m not carrying a make-up bag I still carry a bold lipstick and black mascara and liner because you can create a look with eyes and lips no matter what. True story… my sister-inlaw who may read this (heyyy SIS) doubted for about a good year if she could wear Ruby Woo because it was “too bright” to which my reply was always for her to just try it out. It’s a matte so it’s not as dramatic as you would think and still she would say no. Well about a year later while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a picture of you know who wearing a bright bold red lipstick a immediately I commented with “RUBY WOO” and she replied “YESSS”. Only took about a year of convincing though but she loves it and I’m sure if you’re one of those girls on the fence about a bright red you’ll love it too. It looks excellent with denim and can carry you from the office to happy hour and if applied right you wont even need a lip liner so go for it if you’re in doubt tomorrow. Either way hope you all are able to score your free lipstick and make sure you share and post your picture as a reply to this post.

Cleaning House


Be careful where you plant roots because places like people have energy and vibrations associated with them. Energy is at the core of everything around us which includes your space and also your body. However we all radiate at different levels which in turn is labeled our vibration. We tend to absorb the energy levels of those we’re around and structural spaces are no different. We are all collectors of energy and vibrate off of those we encounter therefore if you’re space has a negative vibration you will be impacted by those negative vibrations as well. Have you ever been in a room and the “Debbie downer” walks in and changes the entire feeling? Or a better scenario would be your work environment. Every work space has a collective vibe and when you’re immersed in it your energy is either in sync with it or you’re completely out of tune which in turns makes you not really feel welcomed. Now you know it’s not you but actually your vibration that’s not in sync which either makes you alter your vibration to fit in or you continue on but you’re never really comfortable being there.

You can’t really control or alter the energy at work because it’s a collective experience in which you can only add but when it comes to places you can control like your home you can cleanse the space of all negative energy and start anew. The same can be said for ourselves.If you want a change in your life you can cleanse your vibration and redirect your path in doing so. Meditation is a good way to cleanse our personal vibration and redirect your energy to a more positive level. It’s also beneficial to practice raising your vibration to assist in redistributing that higher vibration to your personal space so that you’re at peace when in your home. However I would suggest that you cleanse your personal space with a good smudging.

Smudging literally takes about 30-45 minutes of your time but it really does alter the entire vibe of your home for the better. You can also use that same smudge stick to cleanse your personal aura as well during the same time because again… you’re vibrating energy and the smoke from smudging cleanses the energy around us. If you’re new to it and interested in trying it doesn’t cost much at all. A smudge stick set if 3 is literally about $7 on Amazon which isn’t bad. When smudge it’s suggested to clear your home first of unnecessary clutter then conduct your smudging making sure that you’re allowing smoke to get into the corners of each room and don’t forget closets and bathrooms as well. I don’t personally have a preference in direction when I’m smudging but some suggest to move counter-clockwise in a circular motion when performing the ritual if you’re trying to remove old energy and if you’re trying to invoke new life and experiences then it’s suggested to move clockwise but I just make sure that the smoke completely fills and touches all corners of the room and then move to the next room repeating the process. You can say a prayer asking for good energy to fill your space with love, good health, prosperity and guidance as well if you prefer as this is something that I definitely do. Also keep in mind to have something to catch the ashes because the ash flakes are rather large when burning your sage sticks.


Once complete you can choose to air out the rooms by opening the windows but make sure to light a white tealight candle to fill your space with white light. I didn’t perform this part after my rituals but I’ve been told that it’s helpful by an around the way psychic that use to give me readings and I’ve read it as well but I felt the prayer worked just as well personally.

Power, Insecure and GOT Chat

Sunday night television is my absolute FAVORITE night now that all my shows are on during the same evening. Last nights premier of season 2 of Insecure was GOOD. It was great to catch up on the Issa / Lawrence saga as we’ve all been through it at one point or another so viewers can relate to it for now. Hopefully they don’t play it out the entire season leaving it as another cliff hanger because that would be corny and I would completely loose interest but let me not jump the gun. It’s just the girly side of me that wishes to see everything happen all at once pertaining to how their relationship will play out. None-the-less I loved the show and I love her friends. Sooo cute they were and the most relevant part for me was when Molly found out that her male co-worker made more than her. As a woman in corporate America I was all in my feelings about this mess. I’ve worked with a few men which were not worth the space and were being paid insanely simply because they were in the boys club but really will that ever change? For me it’s even more baffling because I’ve primarily worked in the beauty industry where the consumers are primarily women but surprisingly the higher up you go on the food chain women in power are less and less. It’s really a shame because I’ve witnessed men feel threatened by women in higher positions before and just recently I witness a man go the extra mile to get a woman fired. We as women just need to keep on pressing on with the good fight because eventually the tides will change as more and more women out perform men in industries.

The Game of Thrones episode was a bit slow last night but still overall good towards the end. I’m not going to spoil it too much if you haven’t seen it yet but let me just say a dog never changes it’s spots. Once a coward always a coward but really what would you have done in that situation? I like how they’re lining up Jon to meet with Daenerys but he should’ve killed Littlefinger because that’s going to be a huge problem for him. In my opinion they’re going to have Littlefinger get into Sansa’s head and being that they hinted at her admiration for Cersai, I think they’re going to join forces somehow as Sansa tries to keep the kingdom for herself forcing Jon to align with Daenerys although that’s going to occur no matter how they play it out. Just my thoughts though because they’re making Sansa a little Cersai clone and I don’t think it’s accidental. If you read my recaps then you’ll know that Arya is my favorite character and I think she may be the one to kill her sister BUT that’s a big reach. It will definitely have to be something huge to drive her to kill Sansa but we all know Arya is about that life!!! Love her! However I didn’t get the reason they brought back her wolf last night.  That wolf was huge too but it turned it’s back on her but didn’t eat her so that’s a plus. LOL

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Game of Thrones Chat

Season 7 of the Game of Thrones started out with a huge bang and I loved every minute of it.  My daughter thinks that I’m crazy because I love Arya Stark is my absolute favorite character and is the main reason why I watch the show. She’s only suppose to be 17 in season 7 but she’s grown to full on bad ass and I love it!

Loyalty to those who are loyal to you is an asset that many don’t possess and to see her undying loyalty to her family and her fallen friends is beyond unwavering and that’s why I love her. Unlike her sister is just in awe of people in power and super girly. When Jon said to her that she sounds like she’s in awe of Cersei Lannister he hit the nail on the head because she’s always been hypnotized by the Lannister family and let us not forget that she’s actually still married to Tyrion Lannister so technically she is a Lannister which I hope doesn’t play into this seasons mess. I don’t really want her to die but I don’t really like her character at all and I do feel that she’s going to somehow be at odds with her family when they all reconnect.

As a special bonus was anyone else shocked when they saw Ed Sheeran on the season 7 premier with my favorite character? I wonder how they’re going to lead in with his character during this season. The way he was introduced seemed as though he would just be a plug in character for this scene but I doubt that’s going to be the last that we see of him.

Patiently Awaiting Insecure’s Return

With all BS shows that’s been on lately with the exception of Power I am patiently awaiting the return of Insecure on HBO. Actually I’m awaiting both Insecure and Game of Thrones to give me LIFE this month.

The girls are finally back! Insecure had me feeling all types of ways during their season finale last summer and I’ve been eagerly anticipating if Lawrence is going to stick it out with his rebound Tasha, forgive Issa or try to juggle both.  Hell if Lawrence is laying down peen like he did that final episode Tasha may not want to let ole Lawrence be a drive by and she just may be in it for the long haul.  From the looks of the sneak peek seems that they’re going to drag out their reconciliation if there is one because they suggest that Daniel is still a possibility so it may not go how we envision. Either way I’m here for it and I’ll be watching with my popcorn for my 30 minute fix. I wish they made it an hour long but I’ll take those 30 minutes with a smile.

For those of you like me who want a little teaser of what this next season will bring catch the sneak peak below and catch the first episode of season two on July 23rd at 10:30.

Insecure S2 Trailer

Game of Thrones will also be returning this Sunday for a short 7 weeks as they stretch out the final 2 seasons but Winter is definitely HERE! I’m sure the entire season will be action packed with lots of deaths of the remaining cast because someone has to sit upon that iron throne. Although I really couldn’t stand Sansa Stark she’s grown on me in this last season because she’s growing as a character but I wouldn’t mind Arya Stark harboring resentment towards her older sister who wasn’t really that caring to her when they were together. Little Arya Stark is by far my favorite character because she’s grown to be a stone-cold killer with her little sword and tricks. She has an ax to grind and she’s putting in work to avenge her family!

I’m not really sure how they’re going to keep Olenna Tyrell in the equation being that her entire family has been killed off and she’s old. I see her giving her allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion to kill Cersei but really what does Cersei have to loose now outside of her kingdom. She’s been heartless but she did love her children which are all dead too so what’s her motivation? Jaime will be split between Tyrion and Cersei so my guess is he may finally be forced to kill one of them to keep his position of power. My guess is that he’s drive the stake through Cersei’s heart sometime in the near future because she’ll blame him for not protecting their children and he won’t have a major role in her kingdom.

Then there is Jon Snow! How oh how will they play the Jon Snow and Daenerys situation out? Are they actually related? Will they join forces? Will they marry??? All possibilities and either way I think I’ll be happy because they are undoubtedly the two main characters of the series but who will be the rightful heir to the throne? My bets on Jon. How about you?


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