No Pass for Wendy Williams

I love Wendy Williams SOMETIME but at times I think she’s the epitome of a sellout to the culture that has made her famous. There has been countless times that I’ve watched her and has seen contradictory behavior that she is trying to masterfully use to keep a hybrid audience but it’s a bit too much when she belittles those from the culture that has gotten her to the platform.

Watching the segment of her discuss Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had me a bit upset at her trying to make it seem as though the Kardashian’s are somehow above Blac Chyna. They are ALL cut from the same cloth that is hoe-dom. The Kardashian’s became famous due to Kim’s sex tape and they’ve been exploiting sexual deviant behavior ever sense and have become rich off of it and they get a pass? Not in my book! It’s the same sexual exploitation that Chyna was known for and it’s no different and they all live by the same code so trying to make it seem as though they are somehow not “thot-ish” themselves. She needs to have several seats with that backwards ass logic!


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